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I ran into this place on the internet by chance. I was looking around for some college services for my son.

At first site I honestly was not sure exactly sure what this service would possibly be useful for, anyway I thought I would give it a try, a 1 time basis only. My son loved the care packages and was able to get them delivered to his door by the actual company not a 3rd party shipping agent. Quite literally I have used there services a bunch of times since. They have a number you can call and dependent on your personal needs, they can actually set you up with 1 person you will be able to go directly to so that you won't feel like you are being tossed around.

I now send my son a gift certificate so he can use it when he needs to and have available funds on hand. I was glad about this because my son, although smart, Seems towaste money alot and at least this way I know that he can't buy party supplies with the money that is to go toward things like toiletries and food. He gets his stuff delivered within 2 business days of my placed order. My son apprreciates this too because he can get stuff he needs without traveling to a store to get it.

Try them out, I think you will find that they are efficient and easy to get items to college students. I have not used their services for anything else except the college and delivery services so, I can't really say anything about that part.

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